Amazonian Mushrooms


The mushroom is remarkable since it is an abundant producer that uses up enormous yields.
The explanation to this is because of its hefty mycelium layer. That immediately expands within the ground. 
The output is a very immediate production that amazes most mushroom growers. While it grows, the stout white stems bear a brownish cap at the peak. Shortly, the brownish peak simulates a nipple-like formation.
It is during this period that the mushrooms are approaching their ripest period. While the caps start to crack, the harvest takes place. It is at this period that the Amazonian mushrooms achieve their most potent period.
We need Cold-shocking. otherwise, the mycelium will enclose the wrapping and this turns the watering inconceivable. This happening also triggers mushrooms to only develop on the sidings of the tray. The mycelium is very rhizomorphic. If the spawn is not immediately refrigerated or used. it becomes dense and sturdy and inconceivable to segregate into separate kernels.