Golden Teacher Mushroom



What Exactly Golden Teacher Mushroom Is?

Golden teacher mushroom belongs to the species of psychedelic. and is also known as psilocybe cubensis. Psilocin and psilocybin are two major active elements of psychedelic. Golden teacher mushrooms strain has always been a favorite among growers for years.
Both Cultivators and Psychonauts love golden teacher mushroom. because of the fact that they grow and their psychedelic journey have a profound impact .
Psilocybe cubensis species is very easy to cultivate in the home. setting and distributed. This is the reason this species is among the well-known psilocybin mushrooms.

History of Golden Teacher Mushroom

In 1906, this species described for the very first time by Franklin. in Cuba as Stropharia cubensis. Almost one year later, Narcisse Theophile identified it as Naematoloma in Tonkin.