Reishi Mushroom


Listed as a cancer treatment by the Japanese Government, the Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) whilst native to China is now found growing throughout the world (though extremely rare to find in the wild). It is known as the Mannentake or ‘10,000-year mushroom’ in Japanese thanks to it’s powerful medicinal and life-promoting properties.

Traditionally associated with royalty, sexual health, prowess, longevity, wisdom and happiness the Reishi mushroom continues to revered as a miracle tonic elixir world-wide and alongside Ginseng, is considered one of the most valued medicinal foods in Chinese medicine, earning it’s stripes as a true ‘super-food’.

Scientifically proven to have strong anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-cancer and immune supporting qualities, the Reishi mushroom also boasts the ability to increase focus and mental clarity, and up until the 20th Century, was reserved exclusively for consumption by kings, nobles and priests, hence it’s aptly earned the nickname, “the king of mushrooms”.

Due to the dry and woody texture and bitter taste of Reishi Mushrooms, they are solely used as a medicinal mushroom which we sell in whole, powdered or capsulated form. Reishi mushrooms are often brewed into a tea and drank.

Grown on sterilised and supplemented untreated hardwood sawdust. It takes us 3-4 months to grow our Reishi Mushrooms.